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Augason Farms stops all production. Sign of the times?

We recieved the news this week, much like many of you, that Augason Farms is shutting its production down for the next 90 days.

If you are unfamiliar with Augason Farms they produce number ten cans of freeze dried goods for long term storage. This includes soup mixes, bananas, strawberries, carrots, corn, cheese, dairy, meats and more. They are a great company that is easily accesible and affordable for the service they provide. They accept nutritional assistance money as well for those that find preparing is beyond their capabilities or budget. Augason Farms has been in our house for a long time, my girls thoroughly enjoy their pancake mixes and other food stuffs and knowing that its kid tested and mother approved food, really helps us stay with them.

When we learned they were closing for 90 days we were not surprised as much as resolved. This is what we’ve thought about long and hard for years. Preparing. If you have been paying attention to the losses of crops, severe weather, businesses closing and the sale of massive farm acerage to a few wealthy individuals, this should not surprise you. If you have not seen the coming storm clouds, I pray this is the moment you look up! If you haven’t prepared for the worst and hoped for the best, the doors and windows to do so are closing. Educating yourself on how to grow food, raise animals, and store what you harvest is essential. I encourage you to check out the Ice Age Farmer for info on the current food supply chain climate. Watch Jill Winger of the Prairie Homestead and Homestead Heart (there are more I can mention but it would take to long) for information on food storage solutions. Also MIGardener for excellent details on becoming a successful year round gardener. Please also check out the Angry Prepper for preparedness info.

You do not have to be in philosophy, science or politics to know, he who controls the food, controls the masses. There is a certain level of desperation people will get to when their morals are fractured by their very real and present needs for survival.  The actions of individuals may step into a territory they never believed themselves to be capable of. I know this sounds extreme, but history has shown us time and again that the will to live is strongly central to our beings. The needs of the flesh can easily evaporate our objectivity and avoidance of dangerous consiquences when judged against our very real fears and needs. The hungry belly can be as volatile as the need for a drug or other sin. Only food is not followed by the guilt and shame of sinful acts because without food, the body wains. This is why instead of it just being a selfish desire it becomes a right. In our minds the right to food is not seen as greedy or malicious, it is simply an implied innocent need. Who tells someone they cannot eat? Only a villain.

So as small as this one detail may seem in the grand scheme of all the worlds problems, it is still yet a harbinger. When combined with other information and The Why, your conclusion will be less conspiratorial and more on the side of true caution. They have predicted rolling blackouts this coming winter. We can do nothing but believe that this may infact occur. There are ships locked out of ports with cargo headed to stores all over the US, this will have consiquences. There are staffing shortages causing or being used as the cause of meat factorys closing. (Tyson and Perdue) This will have a consiquence. Our supply chain is suffering greatly. Store shelves are already missing items, sometimes randomly or permanently. Farm land has been purchased by foreign investors and big tech. That should concern you, eapecially if you look into the ideas these tech companies want to use on future food production. All of these symptoms will have a cure, good or bad and which way the pendulum swings squarely sits on our shoulders.

It is time to ignore the rhetoric of the majority and truly look at what is happening. Take away sides, both political and ideological. Start talking to your neighbors again! Lets get back together for real, not virtually. I need to know where my fellow neighbors stand. I can find this out without being rude or causing arguments. Simple discourse and respect for one another goes a long way towards unifying goals. It also takes patience. When something becomes painful enough, people will change. Lets all give ourselves and others the opportunity to change for the better. Forget the attitude of mother hen and you didn’t help me raise my corn, I’ll give you seed and help you grow it. We can do this. Lets all forgive each other and ourselves for dropping the ball these last few generations. Its time to work together. We could all learn a great deal from the Amish and tribes in third world countries. Their unified work ethic and commitment to being self sufficient has given them the ability to succeed when there is no help from the outside. They don’t need the outside coming in and messing things up with complicated (secretly self serving) agendas. Stop! Stop now. Its time to be real. Your kids need each other, we all need each other. We all have skills and tools to bring to the table. Its no longer safe to play it easy. We are going to have to work hard and swallow our pride. Even if all I’m saying is wrong, could a closer community hurt your life? Would raising your own food truly cause you any strife? Would growing your wisdom, knowledge and local network truly take away frok your life? Sounds to me like getting prepared for the worst but hoping for the best could lead you down a path to a richer, better life in the long run. I think that those reasons alone, make it all worth the risk.


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