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Our About

Blogging about the homestead lifestyle from our perspective. We hope to encpurage and teach and learn right along side you. Thank you for being here. Check us out on Facebook (bluegrass homestead). There you can recieve different information about out homestead.

We currently have a number of breeding chickens for our flock. Blue silkies, Lakenvelders, Red Cornish, Golden Comets, production Red hens and our newest babies, Lavender Orpingtons. Quail will be arriving soon and we will post updates about them as well as they become available.

We encourage you to read the blogs, visit with us, send us feed back and enjoy the journey. We are, struggles and successes. Everyday, anything can happen.

As always,

Love, Bluegrass Homestead

Hanging out with all the amazing folks are the Homesteading Life Conference in Hannibal Missouri presented by Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.
Steven (left) and the Tallest farmer ever, Doug (right) of Youtube’s Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.
We had a blast in Missouri, cannot wait for the 2021 Homesteading Life Conference. Get your tickets at
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