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Bluegrass Homestead

A Kentucky Proud Homestead

A family growing produce, plant starts and flowers for market. Raising bees, chickens and the next generation of homesteaders.

Our Homestead

What We Do

We grow produce and plant starts featured at our local farmers market and at our homestead. Our plant starts are for vegetable growers and bee friendly flowers. When growing food we also look for ways to improve our soil potential, increase a diversity of micro-biome materials in the soil and not create waste or bring harm to our local environment.

We grow a variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs in our garden and grow boxes. Feeding ourselves and providing enough for the market requires a lot of usable space. Preserving all we do not use right away.

As part of promoting a sustainable and healthy ecosystem as we work to grow produce, we introduced bees. The bees are incredible workers that pollinate plants and produce amazing honey. As a result our produce is prolific and our harvest yield has increased.

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News Page

“We love that we know someone local with honey”

We strive to provide for our community.


“The hens you sold us are wonderful”

We raise our animals with care and handle them so they are friendly and easy around new chicken owners.


“Very helpful folks that answered all my questions.”

We strive to treat every guest like a friend and give good advice and be a resource for information about homesteading.


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